Asset Management

The value chain in the real estate division is completed by the expertise of Real Estate Management Services.

In addition to planning and supervising construction or redevelopment of real estate projects, the asset managers undertake the management and administration of the properties. The first goal is to increase, or at least retain, capital value while following a clear strategy and providing transparent reporting to investors.

For investors, the asset management division is able to provide ad hoc, quarterly or yearly reports following the INREV (European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles) and AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) reporting standards.

The expertise and know-how of Real Estate Management Services is available to third parties.


Elisabeth Janssen (Germany)

Elisabeth Janssen (Germany)

Head of Asset Management

Elisabeth Janssen has been working for MPC Capital Group since 2015. She heads the Asset Management with focus on Germany. She has a total of 25 years experience in real estate in Germany, UK, Netherlands and France. In addition to real estate management and controlling functions, she has a long track record of responsibilties in financing and restructuring. Before joining MPC Capital, she worked in management positions at various banks in national and international real estate financing.

Pieter Akkermann

Pieter Akkermann

Managing Director Cairn Real Estate

Pieter Akkerman is Managing Director at Cairn Real Estate and Head of Real Estate at MPC Capital. He has been with MPC Capital for five years and has 15 years of asset management experience. Prior to joining MPC he was Managing Director at ABN AMRO MeesPierson Real Estate and responsible for all real estate related investment funds, private equity and portfolios. Pieter Akkermann holds a degree in dutch law as well as a degree as Master of Real Estate (MSRE) from the University of Amsterdam.