Strategy Office

The business unit Office develops and manages office properties mainly in Germany and the Netherlands.

Focusing on core and core plus office properties, the unit has long term experience in acquisition, development, management and exiting of the assets.

Acquisition, repositioning, value add

The unit acquires office buildings and repositions these buildings. They are fully renovated to create high quality office products and then perfectly matched to tenants needs.

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Pieter Akkerman

Pieter Akkerman

Managing Director Cairn Real Estate

Pieter Akkerman is Managing Director at Cairn Real Estate and Head of Real Estate at MPC Capital. He has been with MPC Capital for five years and has 15 years of asset management experience. Prior to joining MPC he was Managing Director at ABN AMRO MeesPierson Real Estate and responsible for all real estate related investment funds, private equity and portfolios. Pieter Akkerman holds a degree in dutch law as well as a degree as Master of Real Estate (MSRE) from the University of Amsterdam.

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Dr. Ludwig Vogel

Dr. Ludwig Vogel

Managing Director MPC Real Estate Solutions

Dr. Ludwig Vogel, MRICS, is Managing Director of MPC Real Estate Solutions and one of the Business Heads Real Estate at MPC Capital. He joined MPC Capital in 2018 and has 25 years of real estate experience. Prior to joining MPC Capital, he was Managing Partner of Warburg-HIH Invest Retail Properties, where he was responsible for retail properties. Prior to that, he was Managing Director at CEV and Director at ECE. Dr. Ludwig Vogel holds a degree in Business Administration from the University of Marburg.