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Opportunities in niche markets

MPC Capital has a strong track record in initiating, structuring, developing and managing specialized commercial and residential projects in niche real estate markets across Europe for institutional investors and family offices. We strive to match the demand for housing that meets tenants’ needs, with the latest in design and sustainability at an attractive cost.

Real Estate

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Real Estate

Sourcing, structuring and managing Real Estate

With more than 50 real estate professionals in Germany and the Netherlands and EUR 1.9 bn assets under management, we source and manage properties that match the needs for tenants and investors.


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Commercial Real Estate

Work places of the future

We focus on meeting the rising demand for sustainable work environments. We buy and develop office buildings in central, urban locations and revitalize them thus creating modern office spaces that focus on the wellbeing of tenants.

Residential Real Estate

Anticipating tomorrow's tenants needs

Micro-living is a key niche in our student housing platform. At Staytoo we develop, build and manage micro-living apartments for solo living in an active, vibrant community setting. In the Netherlands, we focus on developing contemporary living spaces for tenants that set new standards for innovative and long-term sustainable urban development.

Real Estate Team

Long term experience and dedication

Our teams are located in Hamburg and Amsterdam and comprise of dedicated people with long-term experience and extensive track records in the real estate sector.

Pieter Akkermann

Real Estate Netherlands


Dr. Ludwig Vogel

Real Estate Germany


Real Estate

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