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17 Nov 2023

MPC Energy Solutions returns USD 10.8 million from St. Kitts project to shore up free cash reserves, focuses on higher-yielding prospects

26 Oct 2023

MPC Energy Solutions’ reports nearly USD 7 million revenue year-to-date, announces strategic adjustments and efforts to optimize cost structure

06 Oct 2023

MPC Energy Solutions announces exit from CHP project in Puerto Rico, shifts focus to development backlog

31 Jul 2023

MPC Energy Solutions’ results for the first half of 2023 surpass full-year numbers reported for 2022; new development activities in Panama and El Salvador

15 May 2023

MPC Energy Solutions expands its development footprint in Latin America, signs first development service agreement in Panama

27 Apr 2023

MPC Energy Solutions Q1 2023 results: Significant increase in revenues and EBITDA for its projects year-on-year

31 Mar 2023

MPC Energy Solutions publishes Annual Report 2022, reports revenues of USD 3.6 million; significant growth projected for 2023

28 Mar 2023

MPC Energy Solutions expands further into Puerto Rico as it invests in a new combined heat and power project

27 Mar 2023

MPC Energy Solutions completes construction and connects 12.3 MW solar plant in Colombia

20 Feb 2023

MPC Energy Solutions signs long-term agreement with IMSA Group, enters Guatemalan energy market

06 Feb 2023

MPC Energy Solutions announces the start of operations for its solar plants in El Salvador

11 Jan 2023

MPC Energy Solutions announces start of operations for Neol CHP

03 Nov 2022

MPC Energy Solutions reports on Q3 2022 results, highlights construction progress

22 Mar 2022

MPC Energy Solutions completes acquisition of Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plant in Puerto Rico

07 Feb 2022

MPC Energy Solutions completes acquisition of Los Santos Solar I project in Mexico

17 Jan 2022

MPC Energy Solutions breaks ground on second solar power plant in Colombia

11 Jan 2022

MPC Energy Solutions achieves financial close and starts construction for 21 MW solar power plants in El Salvador

14 Dec 2021

MPC Energy Solutions and Leclanché form strategic collaboration for utility-scale energy storage solutions

11 Sep 2021

MPC Energy Solutions enters Mexican market with the acquisition of Los Santos Solar I

09 Sep 2021

MPC Energy Solutions enters the Dominican Republic and expands renewables pipeline

02 Sep 2021

MPC Energy Solutions selects EPC contractor for the construction of new 21 MW solar power plants in El Salvador

12 Aug 2021

MPC Energy Solutions commences construction of 26.55 MW solar PV plant in Colombia

07 Jun 2021

MPC Energy Solutions invests in energy efficiency through cogeneration in Puerto Rico

25 May 2021

MPC Energy Solutions looks to bolster renewable energy in the Caribbean as part of a post-COVID recovery process

26 Apr 2021

MPC Energy Solutions signs power purchase agreement for Colombian solar PV project

15 Mar 2021

MPC Energy Solutions further expands pipeline with three projects in Panama and Mexico

01 Mar 2021

MPC Energy Solutions secures exclusivity for two projects in Colombia and the Eastern Caribbean and continues to grow its pipeline

05 Feb 2021

MPC Energy Solutions closes asset development agreement and strategic partnership for projects in the Caribbean and Asia Pacific

11 Jan 2021

MPC Capital launches MPC Energy Solutions as new renewable energy platform

29 Dec 2020

MPC Capital announces the successful completion of construction activities of 6.4 MWp solar PV park and further investments in renewable energy in El Salvador

09 Nov 2020

Funds managed by RBC Trust commit to MPC Capital’s Caribbean renewables platform

27 Jul 2020

MPC Capital realizes the sale of a portfolio of solar parks in Spain

05 Mar 2020

MPC Capital joins Clinton Global Initiative Action Network

06 Feb 2020

MPC Capital reaches financial close for 6.5 MWp solar PV park in El Salvador

31 Jan 2020

MPC Capital further grows renewable energy business

30 Jul 2019

MPC Capital expands its footprint in Central America

28 Jun 2019

Solar PV plant Paradise Park starts energy production

21 May 2019

MPC Capital expands its Caribbean renewables platform into Barbados

30 Apr 2019

MPC Capital closes acquisition for 21 MW wind farm in Costa Rica

28 Jun 2018

MPC Caribbean Clean Energy Fund and ANSA McAL Limited acquire Windpark in Costa Rica

31 May 2018

Successful completion of the Paradise Park PV farm's financing in Jamaica

14 Mar 2018

MPC Capital to Partner with Martifer Renewables On Colombian Solar PV and Wind Energy Development

01 Sep 2017

MPC Capital achieves financial close for windpark in Mongolia

03 Jul 2017

MPC Capital Expands Renewable Energy Business with new Office in Panama

09 Mar 2017

MPC Capital strengthens renewable energy infrastructure team

19 Dec 2016

MPC Capital launches Caribbean Renewables Platform and acquires stake in a solar PV project in Jamaica


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