Equity Story

MPC Capital is an international real asset and investment manager with a focus on three core segments: real estate, renewables, and shipping. We specialize in the development and management of niche real asset investments and investment products for international institutional investors, family offices and professional investors. We align ourselves with the interests of our investors by co-investing and taking on early stage project development risk.

Compelling Megatrends

Rising demand for real assets...

+Population Growth > Real Estate
+Energy Transition & Renewables > Renewables
+Growing importance of stable, global supply chains > Shipping

Robust industry

...meets rising need for sustainable investment in: 

+Energy efficient and socially responsible housing
+Clean energy generation and storage facilities
+Renewal of merchant fleet with alternative propulsion technologies

Established global player

MPC Capital is an expert in real asset investments

+25 + years tarck record with first real estate and shipping funds in the 1990s, first clean energy fund in 2008
+€ 7bn+ equity raised
+€ 20bn+ investments across asset classes

Approved business model

... with a diversified income stream

+Fund structuring and asset management > Recurring management fees
+Asset sourcing and exiting > Dynamic transaction fees
+Co-investments > Other operating and financial income

Attractive yields

How can you participate as a shareholder?

+Solid free cash flow allows both to continue investing in the expansion of our investment strategies and to pay dividends to our shareholders
AUM Growth and sustained cash flows

Strategy and Growth Objectives

MPC Capital’s goal is to become one of the leading independent asset and investment managers for real assets in selected markets. The envisaged growth in institutional AUM leads to profitable growth in recurring management fees and sustainable cash flows. Returns on co-investments provide additional upside potential.

Company Short Profile

Managing real assets


MPC Capital is a global asset and investment manager for real assets focusing on Real Estate, Renewables and Shipping. We select, launch, develop, structure, actively manage and sell investments. Drawing on our many years of experience, we enable institutional investors to access attractive investments in dynamic markets offering opportunities for growth and returns. Our work is guided by the interests of our clients and we strongly believe in the projects in which we co-invest. We incorporate sustainability principles into all of our decision-making.

With its focus on profitable growth, our robust business model provides a strong foundation for covering the funding requirements of forward-looking global projects, including in selected niche markets. As a listed and responsible company with a strong family background, we have the financial and organisational flexibility to further expand our excellent position in the market.


At a glance

Key financial figures

Overview of important key figures of the MPC Capital Group







Assets under Management (AuM)
(thereof from institutional business) in EUR bn

4.3 (2.6)

4.5 (3.5)

4.4 (3.6)4.9 (4.0)4.2 (3.5)4.1 (3.6)

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EBT in TEUR **




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*Revenue 2017 incl. near-sales other operating income **EBT 2018 adjusted for effects from write-down on an equity investment in the retail business